Bruno G. Rüttimann - Modeling Economic Globalization

More than ever strategy formulation and operations management are in a binomial relationship and have to be seen together. Strategy formulation alone is not enough - operations have to be aligned accordingly, especially now in the global challenge of competition.

Within the globalizing context, strategy formulation has gained another dimension. Accordingly, industry logic has experienced a fast transformation; identifying the right globalization pattern is becoming essential, because globalization is not always the same globalization, different types are existing. Aligned to the intrinsic business logics within each globalization form and its key success factors, the manufacturing or transaction system has to be transformed accordingly to meet best customer needs. Six Sigma, and especially Lean, are more than only continuous improvement tools as well as methodologies but are a management philosophy how to manage an enterprise successfully in today's context of increased global competition.

Our fields of expertise are strategy formulation and alignment of operations management, matured during long practical experiences in MNE as well as SME environment and backed-up by solid theoretical background.

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